Faucaria Tuberculosa

Faucaria Tuberculosa

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Faucaria Tuberculosa Highlights:

  • Faucaria Tuberculosa forms clusters of triangular leaves lined teeth-like bumps and fang like hairs, hence this succulents common name 'Tiger Jaws'. 
  • Produces beautiful yellow flowers that typically bloom in the spring. 
  • Easily propagated from leaf and stem cuttings.
  • Hardy to Zone 9 (20° F). Faucaria will not survive a hard frost. However, succulents can easily be grown indoors under grow lights or in a sunny window if there is a risk of temperatures dropping below 20° F. If there is only a risk of freezing temperatures for a few days, most succulents do just fine outside if they are covered by frost cloth or a sheet until temperatures increase (I'm talking to you, Zone 9 friends).

Faucaria Care: As with all succulents, it is best to follow a "soak and dry" schedule where you water your plants deeply (until water runs out the bottom drain holes), and then allow your soil to dry completely before watering again. Succulents should always be planted in well-draining cactus and succulent soil and in a pot or container that has drain holes. Jade will display wrinkled leaves when in need of a deep watering and black spots when given too much water. 

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